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Excel Tips by the Experts

Improve your Excel skills with these amazing tips from the worlds top Excel Experts

Course Summary

25 of the world's greatest Excel Bloggers, YouTubers and Instructors have come together to help raise much needed funds for GOAL's Covid-19 relief work in developing countries.

Excel Tips by the Experts is a unique online Excel course that delivers:

  • A personal style from 25 world experts
  • 25+ lessons across four sections
  • Tips and tricks for every excel user, no matter what your skill level
  • Workbooks to download to help you practice as you go
  • General level Excel Tips, Advanced level excel tips, Charting and Dashboard tips and finally Power Tool tips
Time is of the Essence

Covid-19 is rapidly spreading across the developing world and threatens to devastate poor communities who have little access to healthcare.  Urgent and well-co-ordinated action is now needed at local, national and global levels to protect the lives of the vulnerable families and communities. As the pandemic spikes in the coming weeks and months, it will become much more difficult to reach the affected areas and communities and critically needed supplies will become more difficult to secure.

We are responding quickly to help prepare the most vulnerable people for the spread of the virus. But funding is critically needed to save lives, and GOAL is relying on your generous support to help in this time of need. A donation to GOAL today will have an immediate impact.

How is GOAL Responding?

Our COVID-19 response draws on GOAL's extensive experience of emergency health work and infectious disease preparedness and response around the world. GOAL's capacity to scale up in the event of a major humanitarian health crisis is built upon the large responses we delivered in response to Ebola in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia during the West African outbreak.

Your support today will help

  • Increase hygiene education and practices, reducing the risk of the virus spreading amongst vulnerable communities that are already facing crisis.
  • Provide clean water and crucial infrastructure to improve access to water supplies, storage containers and handwashing stations.
  • Strengthen hospitals and health systems.
  • Vulnerable communities to recover from the impact of COVID-19.

Course Curriculum

Enrollment open dates 
Tuesday 5th of May to Tuesday 19th May

This is a once in a lifetime pandemic and a once in an life time Excel course

You can pay either $10 or $20, the only difference is how much you want to donate to the cause as 100% of enrollment fee are going directly to GOAL